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April was a very busy month, as we exhibited in three tradeshows and got in front of thousands of landlords and property managers. There is nothing more exhilarating than to see skeptical faces overcome by comforting smiles. YES, small landlords and managers can enjoy the same level of efficiency as their larger privileged brethrens.

However, the exciting discovery, that finding tenants, collecting rent, fixing clogged drains, etc… can be automated and done in minutes rather than days is unsettling. The following common questions come up:  “I have been doing it the same way for so long, why change?”, “Can I cultivate a relationship with my tenants in this digital age?” and “What will I do with my newly found free time?”

These questions are the core reason why iManageRent came to life.  As do it yourselfers our intensions are good but our practice often leads the door open for mishap. Five out of six times we don’t get caught, but it’s the one time that ends up costing us time and money.  This natural course of our practice behooves us to look for improved ways of doing things, which leads to making a change for the better.

The amazing discovery is landlord-tenant relationships actually improve with the introduction of consistency and transparency the iManageRent way.

I think I answered the first two questions.  With my found free time I went after my passion and started iManageRent…. What are you going to do with yours?

Hatef Moghimi

Ps. Please take advantage for our 60 days free trial and try us, you have everything to gain!

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