Do Good Landlords Have to Act as Good Parents?

Landlords, like parents, have many tried-and-true procedures that have acquired the golden patina of habit. Receiving a monthly paper rent check from tenants is one and wrought with hazards. Switch to iManageRent. You can pay rent online and set up reoccurring payments. It is easy and free! Email reminders arrive in your personal electronic inbox a few days before the rent is due.  You will avoid the, “Gosh, I almost forgot to pay the rent” panic. Convince your do-it-yourself landlord to switch to iManageRent by using the language he/she knows best: receipt of accurate and timely rent payments. 

Rent payments made by old-school, paper checks rely on snail mail for delivery. The United States Postal Service adds $5.88 postage annually to your rent, plus an extra three days for cross-town mail delivery. What if the mail is delayed? Dreaded late fees may apply.  Are you providing the cash flow and assuming liability for your co-tenants? What a hassle! The solution is pay rent online with iManageRent and co-tenants pay their own portion of split rent payments. All tenants enjoy the security of SSL encryption in this free to the tenant service. Your payment history and other account activity are available online at any time.

Convincing your landlord will be easy. The security, predictability of rent payments, reliability, and accurate reporting enjoyed with online rent collection will win them over. Gain peace of mind with easy to understand itemized invoices, secure online rent payments, and never miss a monthly rent payment. The change from “pen & ink” rent payment to “click & send” will bring a smile to you and your do-it-yourself landlord’s face.

Be a hero by introducing your landlord to iManageRent rental payment software. It is free to the tenant, easy to use, safe for payments, and secure with SSL encryption. Your freedom is worth it.  Start planning your extended European vacation, week-long Burning Man encampment, or Las Vegas COMDEX blowout. Be confident that you will never miss a monthly rent payment and it will arrive on time.  Your landlord will thank you and Mom & Dad will be so proud.

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