Minimizing Identity Theft with iManageRent

Identity theft is a concern for landlords, property managers and tenants. Fortunately, iManageRent property management solution utilizing bank-to-bank money transfer minimizes this risk. No personal names, social security numbers, dates of birth, or other sensitive personal identification information are revealed or transferred with online rent payments. Tenants rest assured their personal data is safe. Landlords and managers are confident that masquerading thieves are not gaining a false identity as the bank account holder.

Consumer data breaches of large retail firms like Target Stores as well as the recent hacker penetration of eBay justifiably cause consumer uneasiness. Many consumers purchase identity theft protection policies. Others live in dread of frozen credit card or bank/debit accounts just when access to funds is needed the most. According to the U.S. Department of Consumer Affairs, stolen credit cards, debit cards, and check forgery make up 80% of so-called identity theft.

Use of iManageRent landlord tools removes the risk of paper check forgery. Postal theft is highest around the first of every month when paper paychecks, social security, pension, and rent checks are delivered. Rentals are particularly vexed by postal theft of government paper check payments. Check thefts delay receipt of cash. No funds mean tardy rent payments. Avoid this risk. Sign up for automatic deposit, free online banking, and mobile apps. It just makes good tenant/consumer sense to pay rent online using the iManageRent property management solution to minimize check forgery and fraud.

The most destructive type of identity theft is having your name, birth date, and social security number used to open credit accounts, tap your health insurance, or file a tax return in your name to steal your refund, among other crimes. Less than 1 percent of households experienced that form of identity theft in 2010, according to the Department of Justice.  With iManageRent payment solution your sensitive data is transferred under the highest data encryption technology available and stored at the financial institution level only once. Your self-created user ID and password is attached to an encrypted id key which is used to perform your rent payments which provides further security. Take a further bite out of identity theft with online rent payments.

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